About the Summit

Join the stakeholders and working groups building the foundation for a new Defense Energy Center of Excellence. The summit's focus will center on this proposed initiative and how to accelerate clean energy and infrastructure solutions for the DOD.


Defense Energy Center of Excellence

Featuring the national leadership developing the backing for a Defense Energy Center of Excellence. Join the stakeholders and working groups defining the structure, backing and actions for this defense energy initiative.


Defense Energy Business Matching

Join national military and business leaders accelerating energy solution deployment. Featuring the joint Defense Energy Technology Challenge, Utility Technology Challenge, and the Project Finance Connect program.


Defense Energy Solutions

Microgrids, Grid Security, Energy Storage, Portable Power, Distributed Energy, Disaster Recovery, Fuel Options, Transportation, Efficiency & Buildings, Water Management, Soldier Technology, and many more.


Central Texas Defense Energy

From San Antonio to Austin, connect into the heart of defense energy deployment. Texas is home to 22 military installations, with 5 bases within 1.5 hours of Austin, including Fort Hood, Camp Mabry, Randolph AFB and Lackland AFB.


Defense Energy Technology Showcase

View existing and emerging technologies used by the military on-base and in-theater focused on saving lives and reducing the military footprint. Walk the mock-base and see first hand the cleantech solutions being developed and deployed by the U.S. military.

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