Defense Energy Technology Challenge - 6th Annual

Energy security and independence are two goals at the heart of
the U.S. Military’s investment in advanced energy technologies.

From its own research labs to partnerships with start-ups and major contractors, the
U.S. Department of Defense is seeking innovative energy solutions to increase the safety
of its troops, lower energy costs, and reduce its reliance on foreign energy supplies.

With collaboration from the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Army National Guard and
installation and operational facilities world-wide, the 6th Defense Energy Challenge will
deliver top defense-targeted energy solutions matched with military testing and
procurement opportunities.

Solutions Feedback Panel Featuring:
US Army • US Navy • US Air Force • Utility & Investment Representatives

2014 Presenting Organizations:

Program Overview:

Organizations with defense-related energy solutions are encouraged to submit an application (no fee to apply). Following committee review, a select group of companies will be invited to present their solutions to a high-level feedback panel of military, utility and industry representatives in Austin. If selected, you will be provided a $500 discount on a required showcase booth of your technology at the Defense Energy Innovation Showcase. DOD feedback provided on; solution fit, strengths of technology, challenges of implementation/adoption, positioning guidance, and potential collaboration opportunities.

Technology Target Areas:

  • GRID: Smart/Micro Grid; Grid Security; Demand Response; Grid Storage; Power Electronics
  • POWER: Portable/Soldier Energy Systems; Batteries; Renewables; Natural Gas; Central Power
  • TRANSPORTATION: EV, Hybrid & Traditional Vehicle Tech; Fuels & Efficiency; Biofuels
  • BASES & BUILDINGS: Efficient & Deployable - HVAC; Lighting; Buildings; Insulation; Monitoring/Control
  • WATER: Management, Purification, Desal, Waste-Water, Disaster Use, Soldier Systems
  • WASTE: Management, Waste-to-Energy, Disaster Solutions

Presenting Company Guidelines:

  • Must be willing to send at least one representative to Austin, TX, Nov. 11-13
  • Technology is between prototype and growth stage in development
  • If selected, you will provide a 10-12 minute presentation to U.S. military, utility and industry partner panel
  • You will be required to exhibit your technology/prototype at the Defense Energy Showcase. Presenting companies receive a $500 discount on display fee. Showcase fee includes one registration waiver and is required to confirm your participation in the Defense Energy Challenge speaking program.
➽ For more information, please contact Derek Mayer at +1.512.800.9796 .

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